Working With Higher Guidance

Spirit Guides

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Whether we are aware of it or not we are surrounded by a team of Spirit Guides on the Inner Planes as we go about our daily lives. We have those who are with us to help with the day to day issues as well as those whose role it is to guide us on more spiritual matters. We are never really on our own even though it often feels like it. 

 We tend to think of ourselves as this person with this body that we see as “us” when we look in a mirror or see ourselves in photos. The real “us” is the one who does the “seeing”. This is our Higher Self or Soul. Now that Higher Self or Soul tries very hard to express itself through our Lower Self or Personality. Our Higher Self or Soul exists throughout countless lifetimes while our Lower Self or Personality is created along with each new body we incarnate into.

 Our Spirit Guides communicate with us through their connection to our Higher Self or Soul. Therefore, the more time and effort we put into developing as Spiritual beings within this material existence the more our higher Self or Soul has control over our Lower Self or Personality. As this “Soul Infusion” becomes stronger our ability to sense and communicate with our Spirit Guides increases and becomes stronger.

Everything is vibration. Everything vibrates at different frequencies. We talk of low vibrations and high vibrations and of raising our vibrations. The Inner Planes are not separate from the Outer Planes of material existence. They just vibrate at a frequency that we understand as a higher vibration than our physical world.   In the material world we have a scale of vibration from lower to higher and yet it is still in the physical. It is the same for the Inner Planes of existence. There are many levels to Heaven, so to speak. Therefore, on the inner Planes beings exist in various levels of vibration. As we raise our own vibration, we can communicate with beings of higher vibration on the Inner Planes.


Raising our Vibrations

How do we raise our vibrations? 

  •  Working on becoming more tolerant, patient and accepting is a good starting point. 

  •  Realising it is good to have opinions but very necessary to see the difference between having an opinion or being observant compared to being opinionated or judgemental. It’s a fine line to walk. 

  • Trying to be proactive rather than reactive. Gaining control of our emotions while still allowing them a healthy expression is something to work on.

  • Become passionate about Compassion, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love. 

  • Realising that it is possible to be too tolerant, patient, accepting and compassionate. That is something to think about. 

  • Understanding that merely saying the words, “I forgive you” is not forgiveness but merely the starting point to being able to do it. 

  • Realising that every time you add a condition to your love then it is still love but not Unconditional Love. Becoming more loving generally is a good starting point though. 

  • Be genuinely charitable without the need to be acknowledged for it. 

  • Find a way to be of Service to humanity no matter how inconspicuous it is. 


The list does go on and if you are sincere in wanting to grow spiritually and raise your vibration then use this list as a starting point and discover what else can be added to it. Don’t just make lists but work on developing and strengthening those qualities. “Walk the Talk” as they say.

Spiritual Guides and Teachers


At first, we seem to have a real need to know who these Guides are. We want to know how many, what their names are, if they are God or gods, human, aliens, angels, ascended masters, fae folk or animals. Over time this is less of a need, perhaps because we have found our place within our team and it is enough to simply do our Spiritual work within the team. We may now sense the Team Energy and not need to sense the individuals within it. Sometimes we are the only active team member on the physical plane in any one place but there are members of our Spiritual Team active all over the world and possibly on other planets as well.

The Higher Guides

Some of the Higher Guides have achieved self-mastery during many lifetimes lived in the physical on Earth and other planets. They no longer need to incarnate in the material worlds. They have gone before us and know the way. They are sometimes referred to as the Ascended Masters. Other Higher Guides are the Archangels and Angles who have been a part of the spiritual and religious traditions for centuries of human existence. It is possible that on our spiritual journey we will discover others who would be considered as Higher Guides. The Higher Guides have clear access to the Knowledge of the Universe and have the Wisdom to pass it on or withhold it according to the Highest Good.

Souls who are in between lives

Some of our Team Members are Souls who are currently in between lives. They may or may not be blood relatives of ours. They have reached a level in their spiritual development where they can continue to grow and evolve in Service as part of their preparation for their next incarnation. 

Within their ranks we have what we can call Junior and Senior Guides. Souls spend many in between lifetimes serving in this way until they reach that lifetime that has the potential to be their last one. Junior and Senior Guides work under the instruction and supervision of the Higher Guides.

We also have loved ones who have passed over and who are also with us to give love, support and guidance. It is often these wonderful Souls who first contact us and help us to realise that life continues after the death of the body. Some who were significant mentors in life can continue to be mentors after they have passed. It is best to be aware though that when a person dies, they do not automatically become saints. If you did not want their advice or respect their opinions in life then it is unlikely that you will want them guiding you. They may however want to make amends for something or simply let you know they are Ok and that they love you.  

Working With US

The Higher Guides work in many ways with humanity. Some of them will work directly with us and we will come to know them quite well. This may not happen immediately but at some stage in some life it will. Initially they work with us through the Junior and Senior Guides. Not just when we use our Spiritual Gifts but when we are discovering them and learning how to use them wisely and well. They also work with us in this way to guide and teach us on our spiritual journey in all ways possible.

Because we are at the stage of discovering and using our Spiritual Gifts it is very likely that we too have been Junior Guides and even Senior Guides in between lifetimes prior to this one.


Aliens are the “humanity” of other planets than Earth. Because we are ONE in all of Creation it makes sense that they would work with us from the Inner Planes. If we have strong Soul connections with other Star Systems then we will have Spirit Guides from those Star Systems. Ultimately it is not where a Spirit Guide is from that matters but it is what they have to say to us and the direction they encourage us in that lets us know if we want their Guidance or not. That applies to all guidance coming from both the Inner and Outer Planes.


Animals and Mythical Beings

Animals often appear as our Spirit Guides. It may be that the Group Soul of that animal wants to work with us to aid all life of this planet. Sometimes the Higher Guides will appear to people in an animal form because that is the best way for them to interact or there is a message in the symbolism of the animal.

There are Mythical Beings such as Dragons and Unicorns to name but two, who represent aspects of the Creator Source of All. The same can be said of the Gods and Goddesses of the Pantheons of all the world’s religions. They are aspects of the Creator Source of all. This is putting it simply and one of the adventures of the Spiritual Path is to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of this.

Fae Folk

The Fae Folk, Fairies, Elves, Gnomes etc have shared our Earth from the beginning. Every culture of this world has recognised and named them. They too can come to you as Spirit Guides. They can also come as mischief makers, depending on what kind of Fae they are. That can be said of all the Spirit Guides except those of the highest vibration so it is best to use discernment and intuition when you sense a new Guide who has yet to earn your trust.


Why not go directly to the Source, the Creator, The All That Is? If you don’t feel a need for personalities and mediators then bypass them and connect directly to the Source. All those beings whose role it is to guide and teach us are one with Source just as we are. The Source provides us with the help we need in the manner best suited to us at any given time. We may connect directly to the Source and receive the insights we need directly. Sometimes the Source in its infinite Wisdom sends us a Spirit Guide in a form that can work with us more efficiently.  That doesn’t disconnect us from Source. It can help us to strengthen our connection to Source.

A Word of Warning

When we open up our channels of Higher Communication we are also open to communication with what could be called the Dark Side. Therefore, we need to be mindful of the calibre of the beings we are communicating with. 

We can surround ourselves in Love and Light, use crystals and incense, say prayers or incantations for protection and so forth. In fact, it is recommended that you develop your own methods of ensuring that only those of the Light are permitted to communicate with you.

However, having done this will not be enough if our own  Code of Ethics is not of a very high standard. The Dark Side do not need to force us to do or say anything. They are very good at subtle suggestion. We must be very clear within ourselves what we consider to be right and wrong so that we can accept or reject what is communicated to us. Just because it is coming from Spirit does not mean it is right.

If you are going to use you Spiritual Gifts to help others then you have a  Duty of Care to cause no harm. Just because you see, hear, feel of know something does not mean should use it for your own selfish purposes or must blurt it out to the person without thought to the affect it will have on them.

Important – You have the right to set limits on the flow of communication to you from Spirit. Being overwhelmed by Spirit wanting your attention is not good for anyone. You have the right to say who can and cannot communicate with you or through you. Your reasonable and responsible requests for re spect will be honoured by those of the Light.